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Replace Spreadsheet Pains for E-commerce Gains!
Your e-commerce business is more than just sales and numbers; it’s your hard work, your passion, and your dream. We understand this, and that’s why we’re here to help.
You may have felt frustrated, overwhelmed or even lost!

When trying to handle taxes, inventory, and profit margins especially when dealing with multiple platforms like Amazon, Shopify, or Etsy.

You might have tried using different accounting software and found them too complicated, too accountant-like, or just not intuitive enough for you.

We’ve heard this many times, and that’s why we designed our bookkeeping system to be different. While we do use QuickBooks, Xero, and Netsuite for their robust capabilities, we recognize that diving into the depths of its data can sometimes feel like deciphering an ancient language. That’s where we come in.

Think of us as expert translators – taking complex financial data and distilling it into clear, actionable insight.

Looks Familiar Around Tax Season?

It’s approaching tax season and you’re frantically trying to make sense of your expenses and revenue.

You’ve been using an online bookkeeping tool, but it’s far from intuitive and confuses you more than it helps.

The stress is overwhelming, and you feel a mounting wave of panic.

This isn’t how you envisioned running an e-commerce store.

It’s an awful feeling lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling, and wondering if you’ve missed out on crucial tax deductions, potentially costing your business thousands of dollars.

Or perhaps your bookkeeping tool miscalculated your profit margins due to an overlooked error, leading you to make poor business decisions based on inaccurate data.

Your passion for running a thriving e-commerce business is overshadowed by endless, confusing financial logistics. Instead of focusing on enhancing your products or improving customer service, you’re stuck in a sea of numbers and financial jargon that seems to lead nowhere.

You might even dread looking at your bank…

…account, scared of the financial missteps you’ve unknowingly tread.

The fear of making a devastating mistake haunts you, echoing the stories of businesses going under due to lack of financial clarity and control. You didn’t start your business to become an accountant, but it feels like that is all you’re doing now.

That’s the crippling reality of e-commerce bookkeeping without the right guidance and tools. It’s like navigating through a tangled maze in pitch darkness, never knowing if you’re on the right path or just walking deeper into the labyrinth.

Endless hours spent, stress levels skyrocketing, and yet, you still feel you’re not in control.

That is the heart-wrenching problem many e-commerce sellers face in their entrepreneurial journey. It’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it?
Your Lighthouse in the Tax Storm​

But remember, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re here to tell you that there’s a better, simpler, and smarter way to handle your e-commerce bookkeeping.

One that does not involve you trudging along this difficult journey alone. Use our e-commerce bookkeeping service as your lighthouse in this financial fog.

We’ve been where you are right now; we understand the confusion, the exhaustion, and the fear. That’s why we built our specialized bookkeeping service exclusively for e-commerce sellers. It’s designed to tackle your most pressing concerns, answer your most complicated questions, and simplify your most tedious tasks.

Our e-commerce bookkeeping service is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that each business is unique, with unique financial needs and challenges.

Our team of professional bookkeepers and accountants will work closely with you to customize our services according to your business requirements and goals.
Imagine a world where tax season is no longer a source of stress, but an opportunity for strategic business growth.

Or a situation where you have a clear, updated, and accurate picture of your financial performance at your fingertips, ready to help you make informed, confident decisions. With our service, this is not just a dream; it’s a reality.

Say goodbye to the nightly worries and the constant fear of missing something. With our service, you have a team of experts overseeing your accounts, ensuring that every transaction, every expense, every revenue, is correctly recorded, analyzed, and reported.

We will help you identify potential tax deductions specific to eCommerce, calculate accurate profit margins, manage your inventory costs efficiently, and much more. No more guesswork, no more uncertainty, no more financial blind spots.

Remember, our goal is not just to relieve you of the burden of bookkeeping, but to empower you to understand your own financial health, make strategic decisions, and build a thriving, profitable e-commerce business.
Let’s put an end to the struggle. Partner with us, and together, we will turn your e-commerce bookkeeping from a nightmare into a dream come true.

Benefits Beyond Taxes
We understand that at the end of the day, what matters to you is not what we can do, but how it benefits you and your e-commerce business. So let us lay it out clearly. Here are the potential benefits you stand to gain when you choose our e-commerce bookkeeping service:

Obvious benefits:

Stress-free tax season

No more messy records and last-minute rushes. With our e commerce tax accountants, you’ll have your financial records in perfect order, ready for tax season.

Precise profit margins

Calculate accurate profit margins for your products, helping you price them correctly and ensure profitability with each sale.

Improved financial decision-making

With clear, up-to-date, and accurate financial information at your fingertips, make data-driven decisions confidently to drive your business’ growth.

Savings on tax deductions

Identify and leverage all possible tax deductions, ensuring you save money wherever and whenever possible.

Peace of Mind

With professional bookkeepers handling your finances, enjoy peace of mind knowing your financial matters are in safe hands.

Not-so-obvious benefits:

Easier access to funding

Clean, organized books can make it significantly easier to secure funding, as lenders and investors typically require clear evidence of financial performance.

Greater value upon exit

Well-maintained financial records can increase the value of your business if you ever decide to sell. Potential buyers or successors will appreciate the clear financial picture, which can contribute towards a smoother transition and higher selling price.

Focus on growth

With the burden of bookkeeping taken care of, redirect your energies towards revenue-generating activities such as business growth and product development.

Greater control over your business

Understanding your financial performance in-depth gives you better control over your business, equipping you to steer it in the right direction.

Enhanced credibility

Accurate financial records enhance the credibility of your business, which can be beneficial for investor confidence and securing loans.

Bookkeeping for eComm Businesses by eComm Owners

We understand the unique challenges you face as an e-commerce seller because we’ve been there ourselves. As former e-commerce sellers, my business partners and I were motivated to create the most user-friendly monthly bookkeeping service out there, specially tailored to the needs of e-commerce businesses.

Our pricing model is designed to be transparent, fair, and straightforward.

With our service, you can anticipate your books to be ready for review anytime from the 10th to the 15th of each month, tailored to align with the specifics of your selected plan.

This allows us to provide a consistent level of service that scales with your business, so you always know when to expect your financial insights and can plan accordingly.

You’ll receive comprehensive financial reports including an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. No surprises, no hidden fees, just clear and concise bookkeeping.

But we’re offering more than just a bookkeeping service. We are offering peace of mind, time saved, and a firm grounding in your financial standing.

It’s time to switch to a growth accountant

As e-commerce sellers ourselves, we built the service we wish we had when we were in your shoes. We’re confident you’ll find our service delivers not just the practical help you need with your books, but also the strategic insights and data you need to guide your business to greater success.

Remember, clean, organized, and timely financial records not only give you clarity and control, but they also make your business more appealing to potential investors or buyers.

It’s high time you take charge of your finances and steer your e-commerce business to its full potential. Partner with us, and let’s make this journey toward financial clarity and business success together.

At UpCounting, we help you seize opportunities and turn expenses into smart business investments.

As eCommerce accountants we are not just about balancing books or managing accounts receivable. We’re about recognizing revenue opportunities and managing costs in line with your growth plan.

“UpCounting are natural problem-solvers. You can trust that they will have the best interests of the company at heart when making decisions on your behalf, while also acting as an advisor to enable you to make the best decisions possible.”
Hosea Chang,
COO of Hayden LA
Is It a Bad Time To Grow Your Business?

Believe it or not, some e-commerce sellers go on to continue struggling with their books, saying they don’t have the time or money to invest in a professional service. It’s hard to believe, right?

That someone would know there’s a solution to their problems but choose to keep struggling instead?

As an entrepreneur, your time is invaluable, isn’t it? Spending countless hours struggling with numbers, tax regulations, and financial jargon… is that the best use of your time?

Especially when you could be focusing on growing your business, improving your products, or engaging with your customers.

And then, there’s the matter of money. Some business owners worry about the cost of hiring a professional bookkeeping service.

But consider this – the missed tax deductions, the errors in revenue calculation, the time spent away from growing your business… these can add up to a considerable amount. Can your e-commerce business afford these?

You’re here because you want to find a solution, to make your business more successful and your life less stressful. And we’re here to help you do exactly that.

The other objection we often hear is, “I don’t believe it’ll be worth it.” To that, we say, let us prove it to you.

See for yourself the difference our service can make in your financial clarity, your decision making, and overall business growth. We are confident you’ll find it more than worthwhile.

You have the power to change the way you manage your e-commerce business’s finances today. All you have to do is take action.

Contact us today and set your business on the path to success.

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