We’re all about your growth!

Here’s a little bit about us.

UpCounting was founded by Abir, Max, and Jonathan: three friends who started their careers at EY on the very same day.  Three friends who, many years later, would come together to build UpCounting. 

While our careers took very different paths, we all began to notice something at the accounting firms we worked for. They weren’t focused on maximizing value for clients. They didn’t prioritize growth.

We knew there was an opportunity to build a service that felt very different to work with for clients… one where their accountants really understood and cared about their businesses and their goals. That’s what we set out to create with UpCounting— a modern, growth-focused accounting firm.

Since then, UpCounting has evolved into a comprehensive solution for DTC brands, delivering expertise in ecommerce, marketing, accounting, financial modeling, and taxes.

our mission

To give great DTC brands every possible advantage on the path to success.