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Powerful cloud-based accounting technology and expert CPAs, offering you an accurate, cost-effective plan tailored to your business

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Financial Clarity & Control

Offering precise bookkeeping, accurate revenue recognition, and real-time reporting across all your sales channels, we empower you to make informed, strategic decisions.

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Peace of Mind with Compliance Assurance

No more fear of legal issues or tax authority scrutiny, such as the IRS or CRA. Our expert services ensure full tax compliance, managing jurisdiction-specific sales tax, and meeting all regulatory requirements accurately.

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Future-Proof Your Finances: Accounting that Scales with You

Our accounting solutions are designed to evolve and scale with your business, ensuring you’re ready to handle financial complexities at each stage of growth, and eliminating the need for a system overhaul every few years.

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Let’s scrap the traditional accounting playbook

The world of e commerce accounting has shifted. 

Traditional accounting methods were not built for the dynamic and tech-forward world of online sales, encompassing everything from Amazon to Etsy, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce to Walmart.

We’re here to bridge that gap and provide you with an accounting firm that understands your business and the finance intricacies of ecommerce platforms.

As an eCommerce company, your business is highly dynamic and tech-forward. Shouldn’t your accountant be the same?

Get an edge on the competition with today’s best technology

We collaborate with you virtually and in real time, working with powerful cloud tech to deliver those seamless integrations that make everything run more smoothly.

As your eCommerce accountants, we partner with industry-leading software to provide you with real-time tracking of your inventory, whether you’re a dropshipping or a wholesale business. This ensures smooth transactions and compliance across multiple warehouses or 3PL inventory locations.

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It’s time to switch to a growth accountant

Traditionally, CPAs balance your books, study your spending, and try to help you cut expenses. But they’re missing a critical part of any growth strategy— the ability to recognize and leverage opportunities.
We say accounting for accounting’s sake just won’t cut it. Your accountant should help you understand where to save and where to spend for maximum ROI.

At UpCounting, we help you seize opportunities and turn expenses into smart business investments.

We’re not just about balancing books or managing accounts receivable. We’re about recognizing revenue opportunities and managing costs in line with your growth plan.

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All the insight you need, none of the nonsense you don’t

As a busy eCommerce entrepreneur, you don’t have time to waste digging through dense financial data.

A mistake in recognizing revenue, a discrepancy in your inventory management or a misunderstanding of tax law could mean sink or swim.

That’s why we make sure you always have the data and key actionable insights you need, right at your fingertips, even on the go.

We tailor our reporting to give you exactly the level of detail you need to make smarter decisions, without overwhelming you with paperwork.

More than Just Number Crunching

We’re technically accountants, but we’re also entrepreneurs at heart.

We understand the nexus risk, the importance of cash-flow management and the challenges of sales tax compliance in different jurisdictions.

We take the time to get to know your business and your workflows for the most successful partnership. Everything we do is driven by a singular goal: helping you grow.

Accounting services for growing eCommerce brands

Perfect books, tax-compliant filings, seamless communication, and zero headaches for you. All with a focus on helping you scale.

eCommerce CPA

Our team of expert CPAs is the driving financial force behind your e-commerce business’ success across all sales channels. From Amazon FBA to direct-to-consumer models, our services are designed to be comprehensive, efficient, and most importantly, easily understandable.

Stay ahead of your cash flow with our comprehensive expense tracking. We monitor all your costs from inventory purchases to seller fees, ensuring that every penny is accounted for, helping you identify areas for cost-saving and efficiency.

We understand that e-commerce businesses often operate across multiple platforms. We manage your financial reporting on all these platforms, be it Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, or Amazon, providing you with a consolidated view of your finances.

The complexity of online transactions, from print-on-demand to dropship arrangements, requires expert handling. We manage all your online transactions, ensuring accurate recording and reporting, which is critical for profitability analysis and revenue recognition.

Business growth often means a growing team. Our payroll services are designed to scale with your business, handling everything from paying your staff to ensuring tax compliance. Whether you’ve got a team of 5 or 500, we’ve got you covered.

CFO Services

Senior-level strategic advice to help you make the best financial decisions and reach your goals faster.



Your eCommerce business can have complex cash flow due to inventory costs, eCommerce platform fees, or payment processor fees. We help you anticipate and plan these flows, ensuring you always have a clear picture of your financial status.

Whether it’s projecting sales for your next big holiday season or forecasting the cost of expanding to new eCommerce platforms, we offer meticulous budgeting and forecasting to guide your strategic decisions.

We build robust financial models that factor in everything from changing customer behaviors to your supply chain and ad platform changes. These models simulate various business scenarios and provide actionable insights, helping you make informed data-driven decisions.

We drill down into your eCommerce financials, offering reports and strategic analysis that make sense in your context, from understanding the profitability of each product line to pinpointing your most valuable sales channels.

We produce clear, regulatory-compliant financial statements that reflect the unique aspects of eCommerce. These statements provide a snapshot of your financial health, indispensable for stakeholders and potential investors.

eCommerce Tax Accounting

Working in eCommerce often means dealing with intricate tax scenarios. Different jurisdictions, multiple sales channels, and various tax laws can complicate your tax situation. Our eCommerce Tax Accounting service is specifically designed to minimize your tax burden and maximize your take-home income, no matter how complex your tax situation.

Whether you’re operating on Amazon, Etsy, or your own platform, we’ll handle your corporate taxes. We take into account the intricacies of eCommerce operations, like inventory in different locations or nexus, to ensure accurate tax filing.

For many eCommerce business owners, personal and business finances intertwine. We provide personalized tax services that consider your entire financial picture, ensuring you take advantage of all eligible deductions and tax credits.

Sales tax in eCommerce can be a minefield with different rates applicable depending on various factors like your business’s physical presence or economic presence in certain jurisdictions. We manage your sales tax filings across all sales channels and jurisdictions, ensuring full compliance.

If you’re under audit or worrying about potential ones, our team is here to support you. With an in-depth understanding of eCommerce operations, we can provide comprehensive assistance, making the audit process smoother.

Taxes shouldn’t be an afterthought. We offer robust tax planning to help you understand potential tax liabilities and benefits throughout the year, assisting you in making decisions that improve your overall tax efficiency.

eCommerce Bookkeeping

Running an eCommerce business means dealing with a whirlwind of transactions, from sales to inventory purchases, and from multiple channels like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and others. Our specialized eCommerce Bookkeeping service provides accurate, consistent, and timely financial records, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Operating across multiple sales channels should not mean a bookkeeping headache. We manage and record all your transactions across all platforms, ensuring accurate tracking of income and expenses, from your print-on-demand sales to your wholesale operations.

Keeping track of your inventory and accurately calculating your COGS is crucial for profitability analysis. We handle the tracking and calculations, even if your inventory is held in different locations or managed through 3PL.

We manage your accounts receivable, ensuring timely invoicing and collection, and your accounts payable, verifying that all your outgoing payments are processed correctly and on time.

We ensure that your bookkeeping aligns with your bank and credit card statements, helping to catch any discrepancies and ensuring no transaction goes unrecorded.

“UpCounting are natural problem-solvers. You can trust that they will have the best interests of the company at heart when making decisions on your behalf, while also acting as an advisor to enable you to make the best decisions possible.”

-Hosea Chang, COO of Hayden LA


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