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A Holistic Approach To Marketing For Accountants

If you're looking to grow your accounting practice, digital marketing can provide unrivaled performance. If you have a massive marketing budget, then traditional advertising might make sense. But if you're trying to stay lean and get the best return on your investment, then Digital Marketing has the means to do that.

Using tools like Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing, you can deliver a finely tuned message with laser-focus to your target demographic. Digital Marketing also allows for extensive data collection which means you can track the performance of your Digital Marketing campaigns accurately, and optimize for better results over time.

For the best results while marketing for accounting you won't be using just one tool available to you. I'll help you craft and manage a Digital Marketing strategy that leverages all the channels available, in the right mix, to get you the best results.

And as a CPA myself, I'm intimately aware of the importance of ROI. So we won't be focusing on likes, clicks, and other metrics that don't mean much. The goal is to get you more clients, profitably!

web design

Website Development

Website Design

Make a great first impression with a functional and beautiful web design.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Use testing and analysis to keep optimizing your website for conversions over time.

Paid Ads

Google Ads

Make sure potential customers find you when they’re looking for a solution to their problem.

Facebook and LinkedIn Ads

Get in front of your potential customers with the right message at the right time.

pay per click
seo expert

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Ensure your content is optimized for search engines so you rank well in search results.

Content Marketing

Use content to present yourself as an expert in your field, generate leads, and support your SEO efforts.

About Me

Digital Marketing Certifications

Having obtained official certifications in the major digital marketing platforms, as well as having years of experience using them, I can make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck.

If you’re looking around for help with marketing for accountants then there’s a good chance that you’ve experimented with marketing in the past and were underwhelmed with the results.

When faced with poor results, and an accountant’s natural skepticism, you’ll be tempted to think that digital marketing just isn’t right for you. But that’s not actually the case.

While traditional business development may have worked for you in the past, there are tons of businesses that don’t already have accounting expertise in their network, and you can only connect with those people through laser-focused marketing.

The issue with most digital marketers is that their main concern is delivering whatever metric you’ve been convinced to pay for. Regardless of if that metric actually correlates with real value.

It’s easy to show you lots of followers, and likes, and traffic. But if that doesn’t translate to cash flow generated, then how much does it matter?

And if you yourself aren’t analyzing the relationship between the marketing spend and the cash flow, your agency certainly isn’t going to point out if you’re not getting a good return.

I got into marketing because I was tired of marketers like that, and because frankly, I just loved it. 

I was enjoying marketing my accounting practice more than actually providing the services, so I decided to just focus on providing marketing for accountants.

Hopefully, as a CPA you can trust that I have the integrity and competence that our clients come to expect of us.

And I’ll always be fully transparent with you as to what I’m doing, what I’m planning, what’s working, and what’s not. There aren’t any “proprietary methods”, nor a black box. I know I’m driving value, so I’m happy to make it as clear as possible.

If you’re interested in marketing for accountants that’ll actually drive results, drop me a note. I’d love to discuss your practice with you and see how I can add value.

– Abir Syed CPA, CA

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