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When you first start your business chances are that accounting wasn’t the first thing you thought of. Or the second. Or even the third.

Eventually though you’ll reach a point where you’ll feel like you should probably get some accounting expertise on board.

But if you recognize that accounting is important for a business, then why is it often something that’s so easy to procrastinate?

The answer is usually because accounting rarely feels like it’s actually adding value. I mean we kind of get that it does, but it’s very difficult to really perceive it.

That’s because most of the time an accountant comes in and focuses on doing as much accounting as possible. And while accounting is important, not every aspect of accounting is going to be as valuable for every business.

That’s what makes me different. I try to focus only on those activities that actually add value

That means crunching numbers that’ll help inform you about the health of your business. Building reports that actually help you make decisions. Accounting at a level of detail that’s actually appropriate for your current complexity, and no more than that.

If you’re not perceiving actual value from what your accountant is doing, then they’re not doing their job well enough.

Most accountants just focus on doing accounting and getting you to spend less. But you can only cut so many costs. I focus on helping you grow your business.

Work with someone who uses an accountant’s skill set to help you understand your business and help it grow. Not someone who just does accounting for the sake of accounting.

Drop me a note. I’d love to discuss your business with you and see how I can add value.



Tailored To Your Needs


Virtually every business needs bookkeeping. But not every business’s needs are the same.

We streamline our bookkeeping to ensure you get the necessary detail where it’s useful, and keep it simple where it’s not. That’s because as business accountants we know what sort of data actually drives insights.

Plus we ensure that all our work takes place in the cloud. That means you have access to your numbers wherever you are.


Stay On Track To Beat Your Goals​


For an ambitious company, it can be easy to spend every day fighting fires. 

And that often requires tackling problems as they come. Which means you might not be ready when the unexpected strikes.

Having a business accountant prepare a budget helps ensure resources go to where they’re most valuable, and protects you from letting your runway slip away.

Cost Accounting

The Cost Of Growth

cost accounting

Most businesses are laser focused on sales and growth.

But whether you’re a tech, consumer goods, or services business, everything you provide has a cost. And a lot of those costs aren’t obvious.

A business accountant can perform a proper costing analysis to ensure you know the true cost of doing business, so you can price right, and scale smoothly.

Marketing ROI Analysis

No Dollar A Mystery

marketing ROI

When growth is the name of the game, it can be very tempting to throw lots of money at marketing.

But if you’re like most people in charge, there’s a good chance you fall into one of two camps. Those who have no idea what they’re getting for their money. Or those who are convinced it’s a waste.

A proper ROI analysis can help evaluate the appropriateness of your marketing budget relative to your goals. It can help identify the return on your marketing spend. And it can help refine your marketing strategy altogether.

Financial Modeling

Show Your Worth

financial modeling

A robust financial model is a critical piece of any business with growth aspirations. A business accountant can build a model that’s as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

Not only does it allow you to understand all the levers in your business that can be pulled on in your quest to scale.

But it also allows you to encapsulate your business in a nutshell to demonstrate your potential to others.

About Me

I’m not so much an accountant as much as a person who’s just really good at accounting.

I received a degree in Science majoring in Human Physiology, and then got a degree in Public Accounting, as well as my CPA, CA.

I spent several years working at Ernst & Young, and left as a manager to join a rapidly growing startup.

I built their accounting & finance department from scratch. And helped them raise 8-figures in funding.

Then due to there being a need elsewhere in the company, I offered to take over e-commerce and digital marketing, and spent hundreds of hours outside work learning everything I could about the field.

I realized that I enjoyed bringing my various backgrounds together to help the business holistically, rather than focusing on a single isolated function.

So I figured the best way to keep doing that was to go into consulting so I could spend my time helping other people solve their problems.

Abir Syed, CA, CPA

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