Montreal Accountant for Small businesses

Our focus is helping you grow. Not accounting for the sake of accounting.

How We Can Help

Efficient Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping focused on the level of detail that makes sense for your business.


Helping you stay on track to meet your goals.


Track down the hidden costs of the goods/services you provide.

Financial Modeling

Boil down your business so you and others can see its potential.

Systems and flows

Improve your team's systems and workflows to maximize efficiency.


We bring our financial expertise to help you make sense of the numbers.

Why us

We came up in the small business and start-up world, and know what’s needed for a small business to succeed.

Every business needs accounting, but a small business needs to focus on every dollar spent generating value. That’s why we focus our services only on where the data helps make better decisions and gives a competitive edge.

In a start-up, every person at the company is wearing multiple hats, and we recognize that. Where most accountants focus on just crunching numbers and reducing spending, we’ve been responsible for growing the business too.

We’ll help you identify opportunities to grow and ensure your efforts are giving you the best ROI.

We get that you have to spend money to make money. So let’s make sure it’s being spent right.

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