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Let’s scrap the traditional accounting playbook

Let’s face it: accounting hasn’t changed much over the past few decades. But the world has come a long way, and today’s businesses need more than 20th-century desktop software and spreadsheets!

As an eCommerce company, your business is highly dynamic and tech-forward. Shouldn’t your accountant be the same?

Get an edge on the competition with today’s best technology

We collaborate with you virtually and in real time, working with powerful cloud tech to deliver those seamless integrations that make everything run more smoothly.

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It’s time to switch to a growth accountant

Traditionally, CPAs balance your books, study your spending, and try to help you cut expenses. But they’re missing a critical part of any growth strategy— the ability to recognize and leverage opportunities.

We say accounting for accounting’s sake just won’t cut it. Your accountant should help you understand where to save and where to spend for maximum ROI.

At UpCounting, we help you seize opportunities and turn expenses into smart business investments.

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All the insight you need, none of the nonsense you don’t

As a busy eCommerce entrepreneur, you don’t have time to waste digging through dense financial data. But the eCommerce world moves fast, and split-second decisions can sometimes mean the difference between sink or swim.

That’s why we make sure you always have the data and key actionable insights you need, right at your fingertips, even on the go.

We tailor our reporting to give you exactly the level of detail you need to make smarter decisions, without overwhelming you with paperwork.

We do a whole lot more than crunch numbers

We’re technically accountants, but we’re also entrepreneurs at heart. We understand how much difference growth-focused accounting can make for your business.
We take the time to get to know your business and your workflows for the most successful partnership. Everything we do is driven by a singular goal: helping you grow.

Accounting services for growing eCommerce brands

Perfect books, always-on-time filings, seamless communication, and zero headaches for you. All with a focus on helping you scale.


Our expert CPAs manage your financial data and keep you in the loop without burying you in paperwork.

CFO Services

Senior-level strategic advice to help you make the best financial decisions and reach your goals faster.


Minimize your tax bill and maximize cash in your pocket – no matter how complex your tax situation.

“UpCounting are natural problem-solvers. You can trust that they will have the best interests of the company at heart when making decisions on your behalf, while also acting as an advisor to enable you to make the best decisions possible.”

-Hosea Chang, COO of Hayden LA


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