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Achieve Lasting Growth With SEO For Accountants

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable digital marketing tools available. 

Ranking at the top of Google for your target keywords can not only mean "free" ongoing traffic, but it can instantly convey a sense of trustworthiness and prominence to searchers.

Not only that, but SEO can have a snowball effect where once you're ranking at the top of Google, ranking signals continue to add up making it harder for you to be dethroned.

It's due to all these massive benefits that many so called SEO Experts exploit loopholes to get quick results in the  rankings that Google often later penalizes. 

The internet is littered with examples of websites that had their rankings plummet because they were built using methods that exploited Google's algorithm, and when Google closed the loophole the website became worthless.

It's for this reason that you should be extremely careful with the SEO Expert you use. And should avoid at all costs a cheap provider who might ruin your website's long-term performance with toxic methods.

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On-Page SEO

While your website should always be built with the users’ needs in mind, your ranking will be based on how well Google understands what your website is about.

Until Google’s AI becomes sophisticated enough there will be the need for an SEO Expert to use on-page SEO to optimally signal to Google what your website should rank for.

Off-Page SEO

With over a billion websites in the world one of the most significant factors Google uses to determine which ones should actually rank is the links built to it from other websites. 

Many shady methods exist to acquire fake links which can lead to penalties. An SEO Expert will make sure your website’s ranking is built with methods that will get you rankings that last.

Content Marketing

Everyone would like their website to rank for the “money keywords” that have enormous search volume and high purchase intent, but these are naturally the most competitive.

An SEO expert can find “long-tail keywords” and use Content Marketing to drive traffic from people who are higher up in your sales funnel, while also improving your overall SEO.

SEO Strategies

SEO is perhaps the most complex tactic in Digital Marketing. Over the years Google’s algorithm has evolved significantly to best identify the most valuable and relevant content on the internet based on a searcher’s query. 

While in the past it was sufficient to just repeat a target keyword as often as possible in a page’s content, Google has long outgrown such simplistic methods of evaluating a page. 

Not only has Google grown in sophistication, but they also maintain a relatively high degree of secrecy with regards to how they rank pages. This is because any time SEO Experts become aware of a method to increase their chances for ranking, it gets abused as much as possible – until Google updates their algorithm.

For this reason the SEO landscape is ever changing, and filled with many techniques that range from white-hat (those that Google support) to black-hat (those that Google does not). 

Many of the black-hat loopholes have been closed over the years, with some websites that used them being severely penalized to the point of being nearly useless. But still there are SEO Experts that use these methods because of the quick gains they can achieve – until Google catches them. But by then the provider has already reaped the rewards.

For an SEO Expert that builds strong rankings for the long-term there are two broad categories of SEO techniques – on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO consists of a number of technical and content-based methods to optimize your website for Google. That is to make sure Google best understands exactly what the page is about, and not to get it confused. This includes steps like optimizing title and header tags, site structure and internal linking, page speed, and even choosing your accounting domain.

Off-page SEO consists primarily of obtaining links from other websites. Google uses this as a signal that other websites are vouching for your content. Link building includes techniques like guest posting, broken ling building, and outreach. 

Your choice of tactics won’t always be the same. Certain techniques are appropriate whether you’re doing SEO for accounting firms, or an e-commerce shop, or an affiliate blog. While other techniques make more sense depending on what you offer and the competitive landscape.

Overall SEO has the potential to drive more value for your business than any other marketing tool, but not only is it an expensive and long-term endeavor, it’s also very risky if you use the wrong techniques. Obtaining the services of someone who knows how to do SEO for accountants the right way, and who focuses on building your ranking sustainably is crucial.

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