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Supercharge Growth With PPC for Accountants

Pay Per Click advertising is an immensely powerful tool for your digital marketing strategy. 

It can allow you to target your audience with extreme precision. Deliver tailored messages based on the audience and situation. A/B test your strategy for constant optimization. And accurately track the value generated from your ads.

There's almost no digital marketing strategy that can avoid the power of Pay Per Click. And it is usually the best first step to test the waters before investing in more expensive and long-term tactics.

But it's not enough to allocate a large budget to PPC to achieve growth. The landscape is highly technical and constantly changing. 

Working with someone experienced in PPC for accountants can drastically increase your chances of success. And the increased ROI can easily be worth the additional cost to work with an expert.

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Google Ads

Getting in front of your client when they’re actively searching for what it is you offer can be the best way to target the warmest audience.

A PPC Expert can prepare forecasts, set up campaigns, and constantly optimize for results that get better over time.

Facebook & LinkedIn Ads

Whether generating awareness in a new audience or re-targeting those who have already engaged with your brand, sometimes Facebook and LinkedIn can be the platforms of choice.

With their enormous reach and detailed targeting options a PPC Expert can help you leverage these platforms for targeted growth.

Pay Per Click Benefits

While many businesses are often nervous about the costs of Pay Per Click advertising, the truth is that it can be one of the best digital marketing tools available to you. 

One of the best features of PPC is that you can start to leverage PPC platforms with a very low ad spend. Many digital marketing tools require significant investment, and a lot of time to start to see returns. But with PPC you can often begin running effective ads and seeing results without an enormous marketing budget

That initial investment can then be scaled very smoothly in a linear fashion to keep growing your marketing investment as long as you’re seeing favorable returns.

Additionally, PPC can be used to easily test different marketing angles, messages, and audiences before applying those approaches to other digital marketing tactics that require much larger investment. 

For example, with Google Ads you can test out ads targeting certain keywords to see how well those searchers convert into leads. If you see strong performance, you can then use Search Engine Optimization to target that keyword and rank highly in organic searches so you don’t have to pay per click. SEO is an expensive and long-term strategy though, so you wouldn’t want to spend on targeting a keyword you’re uncertain about out of the gate.

Furthermore, PPC allows for an incredibly detailed level of targeting. You can tweak your targeting based on audience demographics, interests, geography, device usage, and previous behavior, amongst many other options. Not only does this allow you to outcompete other bigger brands by precisely targeting your ideal customer. But you can also use these tools to learn more about your audience and test out new audiences to gauge their interest in what you offer.

With a Pay Per Click Expert you can also achieve a high level of attribution and tracking so that you can have a clear understanding of just how much value your marketing efforts are driving. With traditional advertising, tracking was often so poor, that marketing was thought of as a necessary expense, with nobody really understanding how well it was actually helping them grow.

But with properly implemented digital marketing tools, you can clearly understand the value being generated, and make informed decisions about scaling your efforts to continue your growth.

PPC Campaigns aren’t a set it and forget it affair. A PPC Expert should constantly be testing different ads, creatives, and audiences to continuously optimize. And a good Digital Marketing Consultant should be comparing the ROI of PPC to other marketing channels. Your PPC efforts are in constant competition with every other advertiser running PPC campaigns so staying on top of your campaigns with a PPC Expert is the only way to ensure your continued success.

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