Let's maximize your ROI for every marketing dollar spent

At UpCounting, we start with a deep understanding of how your eCommerce business works and then build a custom marketing plan that's just right for you.

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Drive More Traffic

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Boost Those Components

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Turn Customers Into Raving Fans

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No more shots in the dark

You’re shelling out for PPC ads and relying on those auto recommendations, but results are inconsistent. 

Your Facebook ads are shamefully underperforming compared to your competition. 

You tried influencer marketing, but it was a total waste of money.

Trial and error is turning out to be risky and expensive, and your sanity is in jeopardy!

It’s time to bring in the experts

Our skilled marketing specialists know the ins and outs of each channel, and we’re always up to date on how the overall marketing landscape is evolving. 

No cookie cutter solutions here. We’ll design a custom strategy with the right mix of marketing tools to help you make the biggest splash with your target customers.

Real humans, getting you real results

We leverage the latest technology and powerful analytics to track your performance, so we can keep improving your campaigns. 

Plus, we’re human. 😉 That means we’re genuinely invested in seeing you succeed — something those set-it-and-forget-it tools just can’t offer.

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Real clients. Real results.
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Increase in Revenue

Our eCommerce marketing specialists help you with :

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Content Marketing

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Email Marketing

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Web Development & Design

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Influencer Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Get an edge on the competition with today’s best technology

We use powerful cloud tech to deliver experiences customers love and those seamless integrations and automations that make everything run more smooth.

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The marketing partner your eCommerce brand deserves

There’s no shortage of digital marketing agencies out there. Anyone worth their salt should be able to whip up a lead-gen landing page or launch a PPC campaign that gets results. But many agencies do the bare minimum or perform sloppy, careless work, draining your resources and wasting opportunities.


As a growing eCommerce brand, what you really need is a partner who:

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Specializes in eCommerce

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Understands your
business, inside and out

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Believes in your

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UpCounting :
Passionate about helping you grow

Our clients say we’re not just different, we’re better. Here’s what it’s like to work with us.

At UpCounting, we take the time to get to know the underpinnings of how your business works. We don’t just build you the “best” marketing strategy— we build the best marketing strategy for you.

This should be a given, right? Sadly, many eCommerce entrepreneurs waste hours weekly chasing down their unresponsive agencies. At UpCounting, we’re always available, and we set up a dedicated Slack channel so we’re always right there when you need us.

Communication is the key to a good partnership, and we believe you should never feel out of the loop. We use the same cloud-based tools and platforms you use, so we’re always on the same page — effortlessly.

You could say we’re a little bit obsessive when it comes to A/B testing. We say that’s a good thing. Where other agencies settle for “good” results, we believe better is always possible, and we work to maximize ROAS and ROI.

We’re proud to keep you updated on exactly what we’re doing and how it’s working…every step of the way. There’s no need for smoke and mirrors, because it’s all based on solid strategy, concrete data, and our deep expertise.

We dig deep to find the hidden potential in your business, and we put in the work to make it happen. We don’t grow by getting more clients — we grow by helping our clients grow.

How it works:

We know how valuable your time is, so we make it simple.

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1. Let’s chat

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2. Strategy time

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3. Hold on tight!

“UpCounting are natural problem-solvers. You can trust that they will have the best interests of the company at heart when making decisions on your behalf, while also acting as an advisor to enable you to make the best decisions possible.”

-Hosea Chang, COO of Hayden LA

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The insights you need,
at your pace

Want weekly, detailed updates on all the metrics to see exactly how your campaigns are performing? No problem. Prefer to receive monthly summary reports with the key insights? Sure!

We build a reporting schedule that works for you. Plus, with anywhere access to your dashboard, you can always check in.

Clear, simple pricing

Some surprises are good. Sticker shock? Not so much.

That’s why we offer fixed-price packages and a-la-carte services with clear scoping instead of hourly pricing, so you’re never surprised when you see a bill.

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Smarter marketing, not louder marketing

The eCommerce world is jam-packed with brands squawking for attention. Customers won’t hear you in a sea of noise, no matter how loud you yell.

The solution? Build a smarter marketing plan to connect with your target audience the right way, in the right place, at the right time.

We’ll help you do it.


Let’s start the convo.

Looking for a marketing agency that can help you scale your eCommerce business?

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It’s simple, friendly, and free — no strings attached.