Plan For Growth With A Digital Marketing Strategist

When planning for any major investment in your business, it's critical to go in with a well thought out strategy. Digital marketing is no different.

With the growing set of opportunities available with the digital marketing tool set, the landscape has become complicated and competitive. 

The good news is that it means the advertisers with the biggest pockets don't automatically win. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to precisely target your audience, measure their interactions, and optimize over time. 

Using a Digital Marketing Strategist can not only help you set up each marketing channel for optimal performance, but help you better decide on the best mix of digital marketing tools based on your product or service.

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Marketing Strategy

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I’ll review your product or service, your target demographic, and your competitor’s strategies.

With that information we can determine the best marketing channel mix, and optimize over time.

Marketing Budget

Knowing how to create a marketing budget is more than just deciding how much money you’re willing to burn. 

A Digital Marketing Strategist can help take into consideration your margins, cash flow, and ROI to determine the best budget to grow sustainably.

ROI Analysis

Digital marketing tools provide an unrivaled ability to track their performance. But doing so requires proper setup.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I’ll make sure you have proper attribution, and analyse your data to make sure you’re making the best decisions for your growth.

Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing Budget

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving with new tools and techniques with which to outmaneuver your competition. But despite the changes there are 3 broad categories which most tools have fit into.

The first category is that of pull marketing. This represents those instances of marketing where your audience is actively seeking out or “pulling” information. The tools you use here are those that allow you to ensure that you appear as the solution for whatever it is that your audience is seeking out. The most common platform on which pull marketing occurs is on search engines like Google. And the two most popular tools accordingly are Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads. Essentially both serve the purpose of trying to appear as high as possible when your target audience performs searches for which you’re a relevant result. Pull marketing will almost always be a relevant strategy for most businesses. But in some cases where a business has a solution to a problem that its audience isn’t actively seeking to solve, push marketing can also be a useful set of tools.

Push marketing represents those instances where your audience isn’t actively seeking out information. In those cases you push your advertisements in front of them to try and entice them to engage with you. Most types of advertisements fit into this category. That includes things like banner ads on a website, Facebook ads, or YouTube ads. Essentially you’re using factors like a person’s interests, demographics, or previous behavior to seek them out, and deliver them a highly targeted message. One of the most effective behaviors you can use to target people is their previous interactions with your brand, which is known as retargeting.

Retargeting can incorporate both push and pull marketing but is focused on re-engaging with people who are already familiar with your brand. Whether they’ve visited your website, or watched a video of yours, or have already made a purchase. Each of these customers are at a different stage of the buying funnel, and retargeting is used to move them along the funnel towards a desired outcome. One of the most commonly used retargeting tools is that of email marketing, where you can send messages to people based on their previous behavior.

While all of these types of digital marketing tools are useful, they’re not always the right decision for a business. Whether you’re marketing for accounting firms, or a local restaurant, or an e-commerce company, or a B2B technology business, the exact mix of tools and how much of an investment you make in each can vary. And that’s where a Digital Marketing Strategist can be invaluable.

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